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The Feminist and The Misogynist (#poetry)

theFeminist cursed:
“Just wait!”
Outrage secreting Continue reading

Reflections on a Vomiting Girl (#poetry)

The men are like insects
around a corpse,
scrutinous faces
scavenging the remnants
of her,
scavenged. Continue reading

An Erotic One (#poetry)

My ideal for sex
is of bored eyes;
bored eyes
and an idle finger in her sex
then left.

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Breath Cycle (#poetry)

The Deep (#poetry)

The latest thought
to occupy me, is that
in the deep of reverie
lies an essence Continue reading

Against Bodies (#Poetry)

Today, in-the-world,
I decided to scar my face: Continue reading

Bus Girls (#poetry)

They are screaming and we are looking.
They are something of all
this metal, mechanics and speed, Continue reading